hi, i'm arthur! i made this page to link a couple things i wrote (see below). they're all different things, but not that different.

Screen - PDF Floating Issues Short story about a speech-and-debater ditching his team to care for a grandparent.

Motion - Vimeo Growing With Girls Inc fundraising promo for local org with schoolmates. I wrote the script for this and directed and recorded the voiceover. I also designed the scene transitions in the storyboard stage and contributed other non-writing art and animation.

Presentation - PDF Gender @ Con A convention panel I've run on the east coast since 2014. I designed presenter notes so that people could adapt it to other cons or organizations. A couple places have taken our feedback, like event staff at Anime Boston.

Multimedia - Website This is Normal, a few emotional intelligence activities for families and young people. A fusion of working through pandemic survival and love for kids programming like Steven Universe and Sesame Street. I wrote everything on this page and also designed the visuals.

thanks for visiting!